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New Wolverine Slot Game

New Wolverline Slot Game

 New Wolverline Slot Game

With the release of 'The Wolverline' at cinemas worldwide the star of the movie has made a special appearance at crazyscratch.  Everyone's favorite X Men hero is here. Wolverline has sharpened his claws, and brought the action with him as he prepares to battle it out against his arch nemesis Sabretooth.

The New Wolverine Slot game from Cryptologic is part of the Marvel Jackpot series. Wolverine is a mutant whose true power is that he heals instantly.  He was experimented on by the military who crafted adamantium onto his entire skeleton, thus every time he extends those claws, they're actually punching through the flesh between his knuckles, hurting him, but when he retracts the claws, the wounds heal up really quickly.  Wolverine Action stacks is a thrilling 50-line slot machine game.  Each time you get 3 Sabretooth symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 you'll enter the free games feature where you'll receive 20 free games, all prizes are doubled.

How To Play

Select the number of lines you wish to play by clicking the arrows on the 'Lines' tab, then select the amount of money you wish to wager on the game by clicking on the arrows of the 'Bet' tab, once you have done this you are ready to play by clicking on the 'Spin' tab.  Good Luck and lucky spinning.


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New Casino Game @

European Roulette

European Roulette is one of the most popular and most enjoyed classic Casino games in the world.  The name Roulette comes from the French word 'little wheel' and has been around for centuries.  Play our new online Casino game here at today, and be in with a chance of scooping some fantastic prizes.  So gather round the table, place those bets, and get that wheel spinning.  Today could be your lucky day.

How To Play Online European Roulette

Firstly, choose the amount you wish to wager by clicking on the coloured chips at the side of the table.  Then, choose your bet whether its black, red, even, odds or a particular number and place your wager on the roulette table.  Once you've placed your bet, click the 'SPIN' button and the rest is up to fate!

Once you've mastered European Roulette, try our other roulette games, Roulette Lounge or Roulette Pro.

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VIP Black Scratchcard Game

VIP Black Online Scratchcard

Online Scratchcard

VIP Black is the fantastic new scratchcard game you have all been waiting for.  It offers not One but Two Bonus games giving you the chance to scoop extra winnings and a top prize of £300,00.  It's the perfect game for all scratchcard enthusiasts that want to play for big cash prizes.  VIP Black is a game with different ways of winning.

How To Play

Select how many stars you wish to scratch by selecting the _ or + tab, you can choose to play 10 or 20 stars, then select the star price you wish to wager.  Once you have done this you are ready to scratch away.

Bonus Round

Bonus Round

To activate the Bonus Diamonds Game you have to get 3 numbers with a Diamond symbol.  You then have to reveal 7 stars out of 14 to win guaranteed prizes.

Ruby Go Round

Ruby Go Round

Match any of the winning numbers to any of your numbers.  If you find 3 numbers with a Ruby symbol you earn the Ruby Bonus Round, where you will get to spin rubies and land on guaranteed prizes.  The prizes will add up until you land on a ruby with a Collect symbol.

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